#RoadRights Situation 24

Published by Sarah on

Driver behavior at a 3-way stop sign.

Play along! Did you guess correctly?

ANSWER: The second driver is the only one who stops correctly because they come to a complete stop at the stop bar.

The other 3 drivers either roll past the stop bar, stopping in the crosswalk and blocking anyone wanting to cross, or they don’t come to a complete stop which means they are not looking carefully for other road users. Stop bars are placed in order for drivers to stop and look for people who may be approaching to cross, even when there is no painted crosswalk. Stopping fully at the stop bar and checking for pedestrians or cyclists first is both safe and correct behavior. If a driver needs to roll beyond the stop bar to clearly see other vehicles they should do so after stopping at the stop bar and checking for pedestrians/cyclists and wait for them to cross if present before moving forward.