#RoadRights Situation 13 – Right Hook: Cyclist Perspective

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Play along! Did you guess correctly?

The Answer: The cyclist should try to make eye contact with the driver to ensure they see them but be prepared to stop if unable to make contact with the driver and the driver does not stop.


The cyclist should maintain their right-of-way by trying to make eye contact with the driver and indicating their intention to continue straight through the intersection so the driver will stop. However, to be safe and avoid being hit by the driver, the cyclist must also be prepared to stop suddenly if the driver does not stop. The driver is in the wrong, but the cyclist wants to avoid a crash, so they need to prepare for a driver’s dangerous behavior. Drivers need to understand that a bike lane is a travel lane. Turning across that lane is the same as crossing any other travel lane, and traffic in that lane has the right-of-way to continue straight before the driver may turn or merge.


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