#RoadRights Situation 12 – Right Hook: Driver Perspective

Published by Anna Marie on

Play along! Did you guess correctly?

The Answer: No

Bicycles in the roadway are considered vehicles. This situation is known as a “right hook.” A right hook happens when a driver passes a bicyclist and then turns right, cutting them off and potentially hitting the person riding a bike. Right hooks are one of the most common crashes between drivers and bicyclists. Drivers should never pass a person on a bike and then turn across their path. Whether they are in a bike lane or sharing the lane with the driver, the bicyclist has the right-of-way to proceed straight over a driver making a turn. To prevent this situation wait for the bicyclist to pass through the intersection first, then make your turn. Right hooks are preventable if drivers always scan back, checking for bicyclists who might be approaching on their right. Always be predictable to others by using your turn signal early and not making quick movements. When you spot a bicyclist, wait for them to pass, and proceed when it is clear before turning.