#RoadRights Situation 11 – Making a right turn with a person standing in a crosswalk talking on their phone.

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Play along! Did you guess correctly?

The Answer:

Make eye contact with the person on their phone to confirm they do not intend to cross at the moment, then slowly proceed to turn right.

Explanation: By standing in the crosswalk, this pedestrian has the right of way, and the driver must yield to them, however as they are standing, not walking, and talking on their phone, if the driver can make contact with the person to confirm they do not intend to cross it would be safe for them to make their turn. To be safe, drivers and pedestrians should always make eye contact at intersections and communicate their intentions. The driver has their turn signal on, but they can’t know if the person on their phone intends to cross or if they’re even aware of the driver. Once they believe the person does not intend to cross, they may proceed to turn right but slowly so they can immediately stop if the person starts walking.