#RoadRights Situation 1 – Passing a bicyclist on a double yellow.

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Play along! Did you guess correctly?

The Question:
The video to the left shows you traveling on a two-lane rural road. Ahead is a bicyclist in the middle of your lane. You note that there is no bike lane or shoulder. It is also a no-passing zone. Is it legal to drive across the double yellow lines to pass the bicyclist?

The Answer: Yes, you can pass a slow-moving vehicle when it is safe to do so.

The bicyclist is riding in your lane because that is the safest spot for them to be in that situation. Before passing, make sure you can see an adequate distance ahead. Once it is safe to pass, merge completely into the other lane to ensure the bicyclist has room to maneuver to avoid hazards and maintain balance. If it is not safe to pass you must slow down and follow the bicyclist until you have a safe passing opportunity.

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