#RoadRights Situation 6 – Pedestrian establishing the right-of-way.

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The Question:
The video on the left shows you at an intersection waiting to turn right. Someone is walking towards the corner. The person steps out to cross the road that you are turning on. What should you do as the driver?

The Answer: Wait for the person crossing to proceed until they have safely crossed at least the full first lane.

State law requires drivers to provide a minimum of 6-feet distance from pedestrians but giving them more room provides a greater level of comfort and safety for both walker and driver. Unless crossing against a light, pedestrians have the right-of-way at intersections as soon as they step into the street.  If the driver is stopped and waiting to turn, the safest, best practice is to wait and determine what the person walking intends to do and allow them to cross safely. Proceeding ahead of the pedestrian might cut them off and create an unsafe situation.

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