#RoadRights Situation 5 – Pedestrians on a narrow bridge.

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The Question:

The video to the left shows you driving on a two-lane highway and are approaching a bridge. Two people are walking across the bridge. No vehicles are coming from the opposite direction. When should you pass the people walking?

The Answer: After you have crossed the bridge and it is safe to cross into the other lane of traffic to pass them.

For the safety of yourself and the walkers, you should wait to pass until they cross the bridge. Slowly follow behind. It is unsafe to pass the people walking here because it is narrow, and they have no safe place to move away if need be. Once over the bridge, you may safely pass when there is no oncoming traffic by moving into the other lane. This will give the walkers enough space to feel safe and comfortable. Do not speed up to pass them, as this can feel scary for the walkers.

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