#RoadRights Situation 4 – Cyclist navigating debris on a rural road.

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The Question:

Two friends are biking down a two-lane rural road. They are staying as far right as is practical and safe. They notice the edge of the road up ahead is crumbling and covered in debris. A driver is approaching. What should they do?

The Answer: Signal and merge into the lane when it is safe to do so.

Before merging, look back, evaluate the situation and plan ahead. If there is sufficient time to merge safely, they should extend their left arm to signal their intention to merge, just as drivers would do when merging into a lane. Remember that the driver will be traveling faster than the bicyclist. They should not merge unless they are confident they can safely take the lane without forcing the driver to slow down or potentially hit them. If there is not enough time, they should slow down to merge behind the driver without coming to a stop. They should wait until there is plenty of space (about a car length) between them and the driver’s vehicle to merge safely.

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