#RoadRights Situation 2 – E-bike on a multi-use pathway.

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The Question:

The video to the left shows someone enjoying a walk on a multi-use path. An electric-assisted bicycle cruises by from the opposite direction. Is it acceptable for the e-bike to be there?

The Answer: Yes, as long as the bicyclist travels at a slow pace similar to other users.

Electric-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) are treated as bicycles in Idaho State Law and may travel anywhere a bicycle is permitted unless excluded by local ordinance or signage posted by the local jurisdiction. However, people on e-bikes should ride in vehicle lanes in those areas where they can ride at the posted speed limit. Since e-bikes can travel at speeds between 25 – 35 mph, they need to understand that they can share lanes with drivers more safely than people walking, rolling, etc. In places where drivers are not allowed, e-bikes need to move at a slower, appropriate speed; 3 – 5 mph with walkers and 10-15 mph with bicyclists.

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