Road Rights Question #44

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Road Rights Question 44
Image Credit: ITD Rules of the Road

The Question:

The above picture shows a motorist reaching an intersection ahead of a bicyclist. The car is turning left. The bicyclist is going straight. Does the first vehicle to the intersection have the right-of-way?

The Answer: DEPENDS

In this situation, the bicyclist has preferential right-of-way if going straight. However, if a bicyclist pulls up alongside a motorist turning left, he is creating a potentially dangerous situation. The motorist may not expect (and look for) a bicyclist in that location and could turn into the bicyclist. The best way to avoid this is if the bicyclist pulls in behind the turning vehicle, as any other vehicle would do.

This answer is based on Idaho state code 49-808 (1); 49-637 (1).

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