Welcome to #RoadRights Idaho

What is it? The #RoadRights Challenge is an online game inspired by the Rules of the Road card deck created by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to teach us how to share the roadway with everyone safely, whether walking, biking, or driving. Idaho Smart Growth developed this with funding from the Office of Highway Safety, ITD. 
How to Play: Every Tuesday, a new question is posted. You can play along below by watching the video or reading the description, entering an answer, and selecting your health district. 
Play to Win: Each month we will be giving away a cash prize. If you would like to enter to win, include your email each time you play to enter the drawing—only one entry per player, per week. By playing and submitting your email each week, you increase your chances of winning that month. Winners are randomly selected on the 1st Friday of the following month.

#RoadRights Situation of the Week

Situation. A cyclist stops at a red light. They go through the red light when they see no cars are coming and the way is clear.

#RoadRights Situation 18 - Idaho Stop Law

#RoadRights Challenge Partners: Idaho Walk Bike Alliance and Safe Routes to School.

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